most days i wake up wondering how on earth i ended up here. everyday i wake up thankful that i did.

my name is ashley. my friends call me higgs.

coffe drinker. cardigan wearer. crafter extraordinaire.
lover. fighter. dreamer.

i fall somewhere in between hipster and grandma, which i realize is kind of a big gap, but i happily share qualities with each cohort.  i’m an introverted homebody with an itch for something “more” that often leaves me discontented in the best possible way.  sassy is the name of my game.

upon graduating college, when my friends were off getting jobs and getting married, i got on a plane.

with a passion to see the world changed, i traveled to eleven countries in eleven months.  and lived to tell about it. missions didn’t end there- after returning to america, i headed south to georgia to continue my work on staff.  i helped pioneer a marketing department for a small non-profit and then decided to traipse around the world again, this time leading a group of wide eyed college students on their own journey.

i believe in loving deeply, hoping outrageously, and finding joy in the small things.  i also hold pretty tightly to the belief that a good cry can always makes you feel better.  especially when it’s accompanied by ice cream.

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