the next step? south carolina.

here’s how the general story of the last 18 months of my life goes.

i interviewed for what i thought was my dream job.  convinced i would get it.  so convinced, that i quit my current job.  i didn’t get the job.  but i left my job anyways because, well, it was time.  then i was asked to squad lead.  i said no.  but then i said yes.  it was the best decision i could have made.  i came home for christmas.  visited some friends and family.  went to hawaii and south africa and became very tired of plane rides.  i moved back in to my apartment and worked at finding a job.  job searching doesn’t pay very well.  i started selling jewelry.  i kept looking for jobs.  jobs that would allow me to do some things i’m good at along with some things i enjoy.  learned that people are bad at responding to emails and in the corporate world will rarely do what they say they will do.  applied for more jobs.  thought i had a certain one in the bag.  readied myself for that.  didn’t get that job, either.  cried a little bit.  drove to south carolina.  fell in love (with a job prospect, not a man – just so we are all clear).  begged.  hoped.  believed.  cried some more.  waited. waited. waited.


celebrated.  thanked jesus for new opportunities and the lessons i’ve learned in the in between.  debriefed those people i came to love.  sold some more jewelry.  gave notice at an apartment.  and now, i’m just waiting again.

andersonin july i’ll be making the move to anderson, south carolina where i will be a resident director at anderson university.

i am beyond excited for this opportunity and could not be more thankful for the open door.  i interviewed on campus in april and came home thinking to myself, “if i get this job, everything else will make sense.”  i cannot articulate why, exactly.  but it feels like such a good fit for me.  i clicked well with the staff, loved the area, and was so impressed by the university as a whole and what the lord is doing.  i feel so blessed to be a part of it.

in the past season i have learned much about waiting.  waiting with patience and expectation.  waiting for the very best thing and not the first thing to come along.  my prayer has been that i would continue to be a person who waits well.  who trusts with full assurance but accepts with humility and grace.

it’s been a joy to share these last years as a world traipsing missionary with you.  i hope you’ll join me on the next adventure.

14 thoughts on “the next step? south carolina.

  1. Love it!!! Get it girl… AU doesn’t know what great Kingdom is about to happen!!! I would love to see u before I leave. Caitlin

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  2. I love this. Love “waiting with patience and expectation.” May we all hold to that. Excited for the path that God is leading you down. Love you!!!

  3. such a good post, as always… you have mad skillz, dear 🙂 so glad for your new and exciting job!! it looks like a pretty campus – I will have to come visit you!

    love you higgins!! a^3

  4. I am so proud of you and the time we have shared together. you are one of the nicest people I know and I believe you will be great in this new job. I love you as an employee but I love you most as a person and I want you to be happy in all that you do . so open the door little bird and fly , fly fly to your new venture . I will never forget you!!!!!!!!

    1. louise! it has been an absolute joy and blessing to be with you all for the last few months. thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement. you’re the best! i will definitely keep in touch and visit – i promise! love you, louise!

  5. Ahhh! So good! You’re going to LOVE being an RD. It’s one of the greatest jobs/ministries. Ever.

    Also, thank you for this. I needed to read these words this morning as I am still waiting to head back from places that hopefully will hire me when I make my move in 2 weeks…

    1. praying for you, samantha! that the right doors would swing wide open. and in the waiting, the lord would flood you with peace and assurance. he’s good. always. keep me posted!

  6. Wow!! What a journey you’ve had! You are going to do such a great job with that. Blessings and best wishes!

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