lice, lice baby.

i only remember bits and pieces from the time that my sisters and i had lice when we were growing up.  one of us had picked it up from either school or daycare and brought it home to share.  i was maybe eight which would have made my sisters four and six-ish.  for one reason or another we happened to be in kansas city when my mom discovered our infestation.  we had to go through hours of shampooing and picking through our hair on top of sealing up and washing anything and everything we owned.  despite not recalling details, i can tell you that it was a pain.  my head itched something fierce, i am sure there were  tears and i’m positive my mom did 37 loads of laundry and washed our hair 82 times.

last week my squad discovered our own lice infestation.

a few girls had been complaining about their heads itching, but had chalked it up to dry scalps because of the tea tree oil in their shampoo.  and then, somehow, they realized they actually had bugs and eggs taking over.  david and i were in town when the call came.  “we need lice shampoo and a lot of mayonnaise.”  we came home to find nearly everyone covered in mayo and plastic bags on their hair.  it was a sight to see.

things have calmed down and picking lice out of each others hair has become our new favorite pastime.

i’ve spent hours picking minuscule white eggs out of hair.  hours and hours.  strand by strand.  picking and searching and removing. it’s tedious to say the very least.

as a good missionary, this is the point in the story where i should probably launch into how jesus picks through our eggs even though its tedious and it doesn’t seem to make a difference sometimes.  he digs through all our stuff just to pick out the stuff that shouldn’t be there.  he loves us enough to sit with us for hours upon hours; years upon years, if it means we are getting more and more clean.  and how sometimes, even though our head still itches and even though there are still bugs crawling around, we need the reminder that we are actually getting somewhere.  it does matter.

but, i don’t want to launch into a long dialog about how jesus makes it better.

i just want to tell you that i have lice.  and scabies.  which means i’m really itchy.  and kind of bitchy twitchy.

5 thoughts on “lice, lice baby.

  1. Oh Sweet Ashley, just reading this makes me itch! LOL I am SO SORRY! You have to have at least one crazy story to tell so I guess this is it. Praying they disappear before you get to Grandma’s house! I LOVE YOU! Lice and all!!!!!!!! xo

  2. Not fun- not at all! But your blog was great to read! And I don’t feel too sorry for you because you are in Central America on your way to Thailand and I am not. Twitch!
    Kidding, of course.

  3. Oh my, lice & scabies… wonder you are itching! I know you will get thru it soon. Always remember it could be something so much worse. It looks and sounds like you are having a great time, looking forward to hearing more
    from you.
    Love aunt dee

  4. Glad everyone is getting better and thankful for something you can use to kill those pesky little bugs. Praise the Lord he is digging into all our lives and throwing out the bad when we ask him. love you….grandma peters

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