tell them who they are.

when i showed up to training camp back in july i had no idea what i was doing.  the plan was that i would train a group of college kids for eight days.  i’d love them, pray for them, put them in teams and then send them on their happy little way with someone else in charge of them.  i remember being in worship that first night.  i was determined to not be intimidated by them.  i was determined to not let all of my own insecurities and fears get in the way of that week.  but i didn’t know what to do.  i had no idea what to say.  and clear as day the lord said to me, “just tell them who they are.”

tell them the things that no one has ever said to them.

tell the stuff they’ve been desperate to hear.

tell them what i think of them.

tell them it’s okay to be great.  it’s okay to be amazing.

so, that’s what i did.  for eight days i told them all of the truths i could think of.  i told them they weren’t alone.  they weren’t forgotten.  that they were fought for and wanted beyond measure.

i’ve spent the last fifty two days with these faces.  these beautiful, incredible faces.

and i’ve clung to that word.  i’ve told them who they are.

they are sons and daughters.

they are forgiven and whole.

they are worth more than they can possibly imagine.

they have destiny, authority, and purpose.

they are creative worshippers who bring life to dead places.

they are fun, exciting, crazy warriors who have something the world needs.

they are capable.

they are chosen. loved. accepted. wanted.

and the list goes on.  i could brag on these people for days.  and i probably will.

the crazy thing is that the more i tell them who they are, the more the same truths get solidified into my own heart and spirit.

5 thoughts on “tell them who they are.

  1. Boom. This is one of the best blogs ever. Love you and love them and just love the Lord more and more as these things get solidified in my heart and spirit too. There is no one like Him!

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