buck it [list].

so.  about those goals i made when i turned twenty four.  i think it was one of those things where i felt really compelled to make a list because grown ups make goals.  the thing is that grown ups also follow through on their goals.  grown ups also don’t make excuses.  so.  no excuses here.  i’ve only done some of the things on my list.  most of them i have started and not finished.  the

“to be completed by” date is in 98 days. i’m bored and uninspired by them.  so, well, i’m quitting.

i don’t want these goals; this bucket list of sorts, hanging over my head for the rest of my 24th year.  so, we’ll just go ahead and be done.  is it terrible that i don’t even feel bad?

. make an adult purchase.  i’ve decided i want a hope chest.
. buy and wear nice pajamas.
. learn to make sushi and order good wine.
. save money.
. read some classics.  [huckleberry finn, catcher and the rye, little women]
. leave the country.  at least once.
. spend a weekend in isolation.  with jesus.
. sing karaoke.
. read poetry. write poetry.  let people read my poetry.
. get my etsy shop up and running. and sell at least ten things on it.
. memorize all of romans chapter eight.
. become an excellent coupon-er.
. learn basic phrases in greek.  you know, for when i go back.
. pick five recipes and learn to cook them from memory.
. play in the rain.
. sew a quilt.
. lead someone to jesus in america.
. send more random, just-because-i-love-you mail to my supporters, friends, and family.
. visit a new state for the weekend.
. take a dance class.
. deliver a prophetic word to a group of people.  a small group of people.
. grow professionally.
. document the things i’m thankful for.  send lots of thank you notes.
. compete in something.

2 thoughts on “buck it [list].

  1. girl. that’s an ambitious list to complete in one year; totally not terrible at all that you couldn’t complete it.

    i do hope you cross every item off — but take your time.

    totally attest to your growing professionally.

    and you came really close to leading someone to jesus in new york. maybe you kinda already did, like pointed in the right direction, y’know? hopefully someone else will close the deal.


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