thingamahiggs. a new beginning.

here we are at the beginning of a new year.  2011.  the year of transition, i am told.

i’ve got some goals and some different things i’m working on.  not the least of which is starting a new blog. i’ve been blogging on my world race blog for over two years now, and will continue to do so.  but it was time for a change.  time for an expansion.  this new blog offers much more versatility and creativity in terms of what i want to post and where i’d like to go in the blog-o-sphere.  whoa. blog-o-sphere?  nerd alert.

so.  here i am.  redefining my blog.  thingamahiggs.  i wasn’t crazy about the name at first.  my good friend lindsay came up with for my new etsy shop, another new endeavor. but, it’s growing on me. thingamahiggs. you know, instead of thingamajigs. just making sure you’re with me.

i like it.  there’s no going back now, folks.  so i might as well embrace it.

thingamahiggs.  a new place for my things and my thoughts.

so, as i sit on my couch; alone for the first time in days, i’ll raise my glass [of water] to a new year and a new endeavor.  a new idea and a new goal.  i’ll raise it to transitions and change and to the excitement ensuing.  yes, i will embrace what is in front of me even if i can’t define it.  i’ll find contentment in the now instead of worrying about the not yets and whats to comes.

here’s to you, 2011.  here’s to you, thingamahiggs.  godspeed.

One thought on “thingamahiggs. a new beginning.

  1. oh man, i wasn’t crazy about my blog name at first either. i had been “hope4u” on xanga for years, but that was already taken on wordpress. as well as every other hope pun. i was pretty depressed for a while. but i guess you could say “hopestillfloats” is kinda, maybe, sorta growing on me.

    basically i’m saying: we’re in this together.

    also, wicked font. i have no idea how you did it but i’m jeal.

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